Situated in the heart of the forest :


Deep in the middle of the the Landes forest in the historic Gascony region of southwest France, our sawmills at Léon and Saint-Perdon, are located close to the sources of the raw materials. This short supply chain means that our production process is both cost effective and environmentally sound.

Daily timber felling and the subsequent processing contributes to the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) and reduction of greenhouse gases.


An ever evolving service :


Since 1895, we have been experts in our field and there for you. Everyone involved in each different stage of the wood production process is there to help. We will advise you at the order stage, whether this concerns the choice of wood type or dimensions, treatment or delivery methods. Our teams are up to speed with new developments within the industry; this means that you benefit from cutting-edge technology. 


Advanced technology :


We offer a service that is highly reactive to customers needs. Our processing methods are flexible, durable and compliant with with environmental norms. Regular and intense investment means that our mills are now at the forefront of worldwide technology. Our sawmills play their part in sustaining the overall environment. They are energy efficient and get the maximum from the raw materials.


Key figures :


220,000 tonnes of timber

120 000m3 of timber

40 000m3 drying

10 000m3 stock

2 production sites

100 employees


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